Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hair Rage and Dove

Because my skin has been getting drier now it seems, I decided to give Dove cream oil body wash a try.  I went for the cherry blossom and almond scented one, and it’s surprisingly been working out well for me.  The scent doesn’t really go beyond the shower, but it’s still lovely while it’s there […]

The drum beats on, but does it?

Konked out last night probably around midnight and I don’t even remember going up to bed.  Now I’m listening to Florence + the Machine.  I had a dream last night of mixed bits of my past, some distant and some not so.  It’s conjuring up some feelings that can only be channeled through music for […]

To a woman so heartless

The pastor or what-have-you to the church that hosted my late aunt’s funeral for family and friends who still lived in her hometown said that “death is the wage of sin.”  My boyfriend pointed that that while the Bible does say that, my aunt died of cancer and not from committing a sin.  Recent events […]

On the lookout

I need a creative outlet.  I downed 2 cups of iced coffee around 9o’clock at night, and now it’s nearly 3AM.  At least my new workplace allows me to dress more freely.  Apparently I can’t even dye my hair an unnatural color at the first place, which I still work at when not at the […]

Late night munchies

Original moosetracks ice cream.  It consumes me.  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and swirls.  I actually wouldn’t mind some strawberries on the side, or just fruit in general.

Life as of today

Long day.  I woke up at 8:30AM and just now sat down after mostly trying to prepare for a new job as a receptionist for a local place.  Money is of an issue right now.  I’ve made some unwise financial decisions that I am now trying to reconcile. Otherwise, just trying to be there for […]

Exercise, eating right, and frugality

I’ve been working on saving money while still trying to get in better shape and eat healthier.  This has resulted in a $75 trip to the grocery store and the purchase of an exercise cord plus DVD.  I’m hoping the groceries last me at least a week, otherwise I’m not really saving money at all […]