Food and Fashion

Chomping down dinner, as I’m trying to gain weight.  Had the day off from work yesterday.  Work went insanely slow today, was jealous of those who got off only an hr ahead of me.  An hr less for me to frolic and do nothing.

The other day,  I realized that I don’t even fit a good portion of my clothes.  That in addition to the warmer weather has led me to do some shopping.  Got some nice summer clothes in addition to an awesome pair of earrings and a new wallet.

While my weight loss may have been somewhat of an excuse to expand my closet’s contents, it has sparked concern among a few.  Today, my groceries didn’t so much resemble the diet of a college student or bachelor for the first time in months.

About to go eat a fruit yogurt and try to finish off my pasta now.  Perhaps I shall peruse online for shorts and sunglasses. 😛

PS.  My favorite store Esprit closed its location in my hometown and also closed their online store.  I didn’t always find something that I liked from them, but when I did I really liked it.  The only other location I know of within my vicinity is Berkeley, and I typically am not in their direction.  Nor do I know if that store is even open still as well.

new earrings

new earrings from Express. I really need a new camera. my god, my earlobe looks big there.


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