I went to a local Indian powwow with the boyfriend and some of his family and whatnot.  I ended up leaving with a pair of earrings and a couple other items that the boyfriend’s mom treated me to.  I got to wear my new dress that I got at Berkeley *yay*  To clarify, the powwow was basically a gathering of Native Americans from near and far that come to display and sell some crafts as well as indulge us in some of their culture in the form of dance and native attire.  It’s actually an annual thing, but this was my first year going.

The food was mostly your typical stuff found at any fair.  The fresh, sliced mangoes were surprisingly delicious, though.  I’m finding myself expanding my tastes in food compared to how I was when I was younger.  Perhaps my taste buds are still developing?  Mangoes are not the only food item that has grown on me.  Spicy foods (sometimes), soda, and whipped cream are also among those that I used to disdain.


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