Quality time


I didn’t do much interesting yesterday worth blogging about despite it being mother’s day.  Well, I did wake up early and end up returning a couple items I got from Kohls (wallet/checkbook thanked me) and then got a Mother’s Day card.  It was intended for my mom, but since I wasn’t going to see her until the following day (today) I decided to give it to the boyfriend’s mom instead.  She appreciated the gesture, and it went well with the orchid that he bought her in advance.

Lunch (courtesy of the boyfriend’s mom) was delish, marinated burgers with potato salad.  It definitely filled me up, which aided my objective of achieving a healthier weight.  The rest of the day is kinda blah.  Tried to watch the season finale of survivor, but konked out early on the couch.  I’ve been sleeping earlier and in turn waking up at a more reasonable time as well lately.  I dunno if that is a good or bad thing, considering this usually/sometimes(?) precedes bad/rough events it seems for me.


I woke up early again and ended up driving a friend to get treatment for the migraine that she’d been enduring.  Although it is a bit out of the way, I don’t see her much and know what it’s like to physical stacked upon mental stress (often one causing and/or exacerbating the other). </3 Got to see her new place and stopped by Starbucks inbetween catching up and the other, not-so-fun catalyst to the early morning visit.

Did some more impromptu shopping then eventually met up with the parents for a combined belated Mother’s day and early birthday dinner at a nearby restaurant.  I ended up inviting the boyfriend upon him asking what’s going on for today (or what was left of it at that point).  Despite having spent enough time with his family to cosign (albeit, just with the boyfriend) a Mother’s day card for his mom, he hasn’t spent much time at all with my side of the family.

Later, I still had energy to burn from wherever, so I ended up perusing around some more that ended up in beach towels, birthday stuff for my dad (candles and a decorative stack of notepaper), and other random stuff that apparently led to the girl behind me in line to strike a curious look on her face.  That made it sound potentially dirty, but it wasn’t.  I just don’t feel like listing out every possible item I bought, partially because I’m not entirely sure I remember all of it.

Thus concludes the last couple of days.

(courtesy of the boyfriend’s mom)


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