I ended up staying awake until nearly 2 in the morning, which wouldn’t be a big ordeal if I didn’t have to be at work at 6am.  Thus resulting in 4 hrs of sleep.  Left work 20 minutes early but annoyed because I was asked to sweep the floor even though it’d probably been swept at least once or twice that same morning.

I had been planning to get the car cleaned inside and out, and then doing whatever.  Ended up going hiking with a friend after a small bite to eat.  Did some talking, some of it grown-up and some of it being about random stuff like coconut juice.

I ended up going to Whole Foods on my own afterwards after hearing it being (one of) the largest in the area.  Got some face toner, couple of drinks (one just for the neat glass it came in), and an exercise belt (complete with DVD).  Stopped by Target afterwards and did more damage to the wallet.

I’ve made the vow to eat on the cheap to compensate.  I’m allowing myself to eat out (ie. restaurant quality/priced foods) once a week.  It’s the only other expense I can cut out with reason.

Shall update with pictures later.


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