Exercise, eating right, and frugality

I’ve been working on saving money while still trying to get in better shape and eat healthier.  This has resulted in a $75 trip to the grocery store and the purchase of an exercise cord plus DVD.  I’m hoping the groceries last me at least a week, otherwise I’m not really saving money at all and may actually be losing some.  Today’s breakfast is consisting of cereal with soy milk and a plain bagel slathered with cream cheese.

In terms of exercise, I popped in the DVD the other day and did the first portion of it.  The DVD and exercise cord came as a package deal at a Whole Foods for around $15.  I picked the one with the lightest resistance, because I’m a weakling.  I’ll update you with any progress I make with it, but so far it’s not overly cheesy and the exercises are fairly doable.


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