Hair Rage and Dove

Because my skin has been getting drier now it seems, I decided to give Dove cream oil body wash a try.  I went for the cherry blossom and almond scented one, and it’s surprisingly been working out well for me.  The scent doesn’t really go beyond the shower, but it’s still lovely while it’s there and my skin doesn’t seem to be as itchy lately.

I also got the Dove cream oil shampoo for dry hair.  My hair isn’t super-dry, so sometimes this makes it a bit oily, especially by day 2.  I find that I can get away without a conditioner when using this shampoo.  It lathers well, though, as does the body wash, and rinses clean as can be also.

I bought a new flat iron the other day on my work break while browsing the nearby store.  The brand is Hair Rage (by Fahrenheit?), but it apparently has a lifetime warranty.  It heats up to 450 F with ceramic plates and ionic/infrared technology.  So far, I used it last night and I don’t have to touch-up (much) this morning which is already a plus compared to my other flat iron.



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