Monthly Archives: June 2012

Buried Feelings

It’s not like the universe halts just because we are not an active part of it.  Odd dreams last night.  The first part of my dream was like a parallel, an undercurrent.  Or maybe a bit of a fear as well.  The past haunts, and it really isn’t something that is left behind but shapes […]

I’m having one of those days

Where I really dislike my hair, I have a gigantic pimple on my chin accented by two little ones forming a trinity triangle, my makeup isn’t doing much to hide my dark circles, pasty and uneven skin tone, all evidence of stress coupled with (or caused by?) lack of time and sleep. But in roughly […]


I’ve been rather disorganized lately, and thus this post will be also.  Working double time is starting to take its toll on me as demonstrated by forgetting 2 consecutive appointments and being consistently late to work by at least a half hr for the past few morning shifts.  I was also good at keeping my […]

Short recess

So life has required me to be “afk” for awhile, at least more than usual lately.  I went to Calistoga with the boyfriend where we met up with his mom and sister.  Swam a little, ate, and got to know his sister a little more.  His mom got me a pair of earrings and a […]

John Frieda, and Tresemme

I had more highlights added in courtesy of my coworker.  I actually think the contrast of having partial highlights looked better but I still got a lot of complements from others on how it looked.  Pictures will ensue if I ever get a hold of them. I decided to take matters into my own hands […]

Breakfast talk

Monterey Jack and turkey sausage sandwich with mayo and chipotle on sourdough.  I didn’t get to eat much yesterday due to waking up late and staying later at work than what I was originally intending.  Orange juice would be nice if there was much left.

…And BAM! I’m blonde

...And BAM!

I’m blonde. It’s not as light as I wanted but maybe when they/I do the touch-up, I’ll lighten it or change it up then. I’d been contemplating highlights on and off for awhile, and then my coworker turned to me when business died down and asked if I was up for it.

YEAAAAHHH! I asked one of my managers at my other job if it was deemed “appropriate” by work policy and got the OK. Apparently previous management forced one of the girls to wear a wig when she dyed her hair a certain shade of red.