Buried Feelings

It’s not like the universe halts just because we are not an active part of it.  Odd dreams last night.  The first part of my dream was like a parallel, an undercurrent.  Or maybe a bit of a fear as well.  The past haunts, and it really isn’t something that is left behind but shapes the present and future whether we want it to or not.  If we chose path A over B and assume that they do not lead to the same point, then well that decision of the past shapes where we eventually land.

The second part of my dream involves a monkey living in, or stuck, in a cage being observed and studied by others.  There was something in particular about him that made him an apparent danger but was also something of a sight.  This I feel is a reflection of myself, both metaphorically and otherwise.  I can’t explain it really, the feelings associated with it.

I guess this was kind of a “free-write.”  The first paragraph may not make sense to many, if anyone except for me.  The details don’t matter, but every sentence of it is.


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