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Sunny day with feet and bum in the sand

Sunny day with feet and bum in the sand


Could this be a…

Could this be a Seattle situation?  (no one except a former therapist would necessarily know what I’m talking about.) Although, a trip to Seattle may actually be nice this winter if I can afford it.  No more grand sprees that don’t fit in the budget.

A composition

I’m not a composer, but I feel like composing music today.  The melody of each note alone and chained together expressing more than words could.

Living the fast life while failing at bowling

Went bowling today.  I bowled the glorious score of 31.  I started out meh, went through a long streak of complete fails, and finally started improving on the last couple of rounds. I need to start eating healthier.  In the past, I’d been advised that the source of calories wasn’t always a concern as long […]

Time and Space

The  4 hr nap I took earlier felt good, but now I’m having trouble falling asleep so that I can wake up bright and early before the sun even rises.  Yesterday was chaotic, but now I have more time and space for myself. Still fighting the last ends of a cold.  Nonetheless, I’m longing for […]

Micro frog

Micro frog

Steel butterfly

Steel butterfly