swag and update


I went to Ulta today, seeking out tweezers and just generally roaming the store.  The tweezers work well enough, all I ask is that the ends lay cleanly flat against each other to grab the hair effectively.  The gel does what it does, hard to mess that up. $10 for the duo.

The hairbrush works well at grabbing hair and shaping it.  Notice the concave shape (I had to look that up on Google) and different bristles.

Not pictured is CHI iron guard heat spray.  It seems to have some styling and holding power that helps keep the smooth and side-part bangs that I have forced upon my coif.

The little sample size packet is a deep conditioning mask that the nice sales person recommended.  Honestly, the ones she pointed me to (including this one) are all too expensive for me at the moment, but I still bought the tiny travel/sample size one to try out.

The Allure magazine is part of a promotion from Ulta.  I have the same one at work to look at, but at least I have my own copy now.  Decent issue if you’re looking for something to browse through.


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