Health and shopping

Inadvertently went on a shopping excursion.  Sparing the details, it resulted in a bottle of iridescent nail polish, a pack of socks, a blanket (it gets cold here at night), 2 long-length tops to wear with some leggings that I got at the awesome price of $10 at Target last night, a hair clip, and earrings.  If you want to count food, I also got a bowl of mac and cheese and pesto tomato/mozzarella salad.  I have no idea how “saving” resulted in this, but I guess I did get bargain or at least decent prices on everything.

I was definitely feeling the wear of the day by the time I started calling it a day.

Derp moment:  thinking my laptop has a touchscreen and trying to tap a pop-up notice closed with my finger repeatedly until I realized I’m not at work right now.

Lets just say I got one of the fattiest foods I could ingest with little effort to make up for surviving off of coffee and (most of) a sandwich.  I’ve discovered lately that I’m developing a taste for fresh(er?) foods.  I mean I could have gone for flat-out fast food.. okay, so mac and cheese isn’t much better but it at least appears somewhat more home-cooked.  And hey, the salad has tomatoes in it right?

Granted, I did just watch a documentary with the boyfriend proposing that we do not indeed need dairy or meat in our diet and we can get the nutrients they offer from other sources.

I shall end this entry before exposing far too much details of my day/weekend than needed or even desired.  That ship may have already sailed for some. :((  *perhaps for another time*


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