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new bracelet

new bracelet

infinity sign, braid, and (although hard to see) anchor


swag and update

I went to Ulta today, seeking out tweezers and just generally roaming the store.  The tweezers work well enough, all I ask is that the ends lay cleanly flat against each other to grab the hair effectively.  The gel does what it does, hard to mess that up. $10 for the duo. The hairbrush works […]

I’m having one of those days

Where I really dislike my hair, I have a gigantic pimple on my chin accented by two little ones forming a trinity triangle, my makeup isn’t doing much to hide my dark circles, pasty and uneven skin tone, all evidence of stress coupled with (or caused by?) lack of time and sleep. But in roughly […]

John Frieda, and Tresemme

I had more highlights added in courtesy of my coworker.  I actually think the contrast of having partial highlights looked better but I still got a lot of complements from others on how it looked.  Pictures will ensue if I ever get a hold of them. I decided to take matters into my own hands […]

…And BAM! I’m blonde

...And BAM!

I’m blonde. It’s not as light as I wanted but maybe when they/I do the touch-up, I’ll lighten it or change it up then. I’d been contemplating highlights on and off for awhile, and then my coworker turned to me when business died down and asked if I was up for it.

YEAAAAHHH! I asked one of my managers at my other job if it was deemed “appropriate” by work policy and got the OK. Apparently previous management forced one of the girls to wear a wig when she dyed her hair a certain shade of red.

Hair Rage and Dove

Because my skin has been getting drier now it seems, I decided to give Dove cream oil body wash a try.  I went for the cherry blossom and almond scented one, and it’s surprisingly been working out well for me.  The scent doesn’t really go beyond the shower, but it’s still lovely while it’s there […]

Garnier Fructis

I didn’t used to like Garnier Fructis products, but I seem to be having good results from their hair balm.  My wavy hair is in the semi-awkward phase that brings me to blow-dry and/or pull back my hair most days.  Tonight is the first night I’ve used it (I just bought it earlier tonight), so […]