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new bracelet

new bracelet

infinity sign, braid, and (although hard to see) anchor


swag and update

I went to Ulta today, seeking out tweezers and just generally roaming the store.  The tweezers work well enough, all I ask is that the ends lay cleanly flat against each other to grab the hair effectively.  The gel does what it does, hard to mess that up. $10 for the duo. The hairbrush works […]

…And BAM! I’m blonde

...And BAM!

I’m blonde. It’s not as light as I wanted but maybe when they/I do the touch-up, I’ll lighten it or change it up then. I’d been contemplating highlights on and off for awhile, and then my coworker turned to me when business died down and asked if I was up for it.

YEAAAAHHH! I asked one of my managers at my other job if it was deemed “appropriate” by work policy and got the OK. Apparently previous management forced one of the girls to wear a wig when she dyed her hair a certain shade of red.