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Health and shopping

Inadvertently went on a shopping excursion.  Sparing the details, it resulted in a bottle of iridescent nail polish, a pack of socks, a blanket (it gets cold here at night), 2 long-length tops to wear with some leggings that I got at the awesome price of $10 at Target last night, a hair clip, and […]

Breakfast talk

Monterey Jack and turkey sausage sandwich with mayo and chipotle on sourdough.  I didn’t get to eat much yesterday due to waking up late and staying later at work than what I was originally intending.  Orange juice would be nice if there was much left.

Balmy weather

Today started out rather cooler compared to yesterday, but then it super-warmed up and naturally work is being stingy with the A/C.  I slept all afternoon until work and didn’t get to eat enough until later.  I was hungry and desperate enough to try to use a 5 dollar bill on the vending machine to […]

Late night munchies

Original moosetracks ice cream.  It consumes me.  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and swirls.  I actually wouldn’t mind some strawberries on the side, or just fruit in general.

Exercise, eating right, and frugality

I’ve been working on saving money while still trying to get in better shape and eat healthier.  This has resulted in a $75 trip to the grocery store and the purchase of an exercise cord plus DVD.  I’m hoping the groceries last me at least a week, otherwise I’m not really saving money at all […]

Curly fries please?

Fast food run at 11:40pm.  Shall update later tonight or tomorrow, depending on when/if I fall asleep tonight.. edit: The steak sandwich from Jack in the box sure is fatty.  Just biting into it, I could feel by the way the texture of the meat that it is surely saturated with all that not so […]

Quality time

Yesterday I didn’t do much interesting yesterday worth blogging about despite it being mother’s day.  Well, I did wake up early and end up returning a couple items I got from Kohls (wallet/checkbook thanked me) and then got a Mother’s Day card.  It was intended for my mom, but since I wasn’t going to see […]