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Balmy weather

Today started out rather cooler compared to yesterday, but then it super-warmed up and naturally work is being stingy with the A/C.  I slept all afternoon until work and didn’t get to eat enough until later.  I was hungry and desperate enough to try to use a 5 dollar bill on the vending machine to […]

Quality time

Yesterday I didn’t do much interesting yesterday worth blogging about despite it being mother’s day.  Well, I did wake up early and end up returning a couple items I got from Kohls (wallet/checkbook thanked me) and then got a Mother’s Day card.  It was intended for my mom, but since I wasn’t going to see […]

Summer Days

When does summer officially start again?  Regardless, I’m glad that the days are warmer and that it’s no longer pitch dark by 5PM.  I bought some awesome earrings the other day for 12 dollars.  Spent some time just doing whatever, actually walked somewhere with an old friend for lunch.  Food was meh.  Wish I’d saved […]

More Shopping

So I realized at some point last night between 3-4AM that the coffee I had at 5PM-ish may have had something to do with my inability to fall asleep and restlessness.  I can’t say I was entirely unproductive last night or this morning.  I did some more organizing, threw in a load of laundry, and […]