What I meant to do (once home): get things done.  What I did do: facebook, food, beach, sleep.  Pretty much in that order.  Well, I guess the sleep part is an accomplishment considering I needed the rest. Advertisements

The wind whipped around my hair today like the sand and ocean did to my problems.

There have been a few “that would make a good photograph” moments, such as the panoramic view of the ocean on the drive home.  Right now, I’m debating on my next technological endeavor/splurge but finances and time constraints dictate otherwise. There are at least photo-worthy subjects/moments that hopefully I’ll get around to capturing at some […]

Applesauce and string cheese in the morning, pot stickers for lunch, and mac&cheese at night.  Okay, so I had coffee in between but I pretty much have the dream diet of a 8 year old right now.

new bracelet

infinity sign, braid, and (although hard to see) anchor

Inadvertently went on a shopping excursion.  Sparing the details, it resulted in a bottle of iridescent nail polish, a pack of socks, a blanket (it gets cold here at night), 2 long-length tops to wear with some leggings that I got at the awesome price of $10 at Target last night, a hair clip, and […]

… in particular: That at rest stays at rest and that in motion stays in motion. […] And for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These laws apply to not just the physical world, but as a philosophical statement as well. For some reason I find myself fascinated by these statements lately.  […]