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Health and shopping

Inadvertently went on a shopping excursion.  Sparing the details, it resulted in a bottle of iridescent nail polish, a pack of socks, a blanket (it gets cold here at night), 2 long-length tops to wear with some leggings that I got at the awesome price of $10 at Target last night, a hair clip, and […]

Living the fast life while failing at bowling

Went bowling today.  I bowled the glorious score of 31.  I started out meh, went through a long streak of complete fails, and finally started improving on the last couple of rounds. I need to start eating healthier.  In the past, I’d been advised that the source of calories wasn’t always a concern as long […]

I’m having one of those days

Where I really dislike my hair, I have a gigantic pimple on my chin accented by two little ones forming a trinity triangle, my makeup isn’t doing much to hide my dark circles, pasty and uneven skin tone, all evidence of stress coupled with (or caused by?) lack of time and sleep. But in roughly […]

Exercise, eating right, and frugality

I’ve been working on saving money while still trying to get in better shape and eat healthier.  This has resulted in a $75 trip to the grocery store and the purchase of an exercise cord plus DVD.  I’m hoping the groceries last me at least a week, otherwise I’m not really saving money at all […]

Because I slept 14 hrs

I fell asleep super-early last night at 7pm.  I pretty much slept through the night until about an hr ago.  Now I’m debating whether or not to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Actually, that sounds like a good idea coupled with walking along the area it’s in just perusing the stores and people […]


I ended up staying awake until nearly 2 in the morning, which wouldn’t be a big ordeal if I didn’t have to be at work at 6am.  Thus resulting in 4 hrs of sleep.  Left work 20 minutes early but annoyed because I was asked to sweep the floor even though it’d probably been swept […]


Can’t sleep.  I hope I didn’t jinx myself by saying normal sleep patterns typically precede bad shit.  I think I might try to go for a run in the morning if I manage to wake up.  I’ve actually been thinking about joining a gym (cannot recall if stated this before here on WordPress), but money […]